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3 years ago

Formula Assistance - Field is null or not null

I have a field called PHI that I want to populate based on data in another field called Data Elements which is a multi-select field.  Ideally I would like the PHI field to be a checkbox but it could also be a text field.


I am looking for a formula that would say: If [Data Elements] is null, leave checkbox unchecked (or "No" if I need to use a text field) and If [Data Elements] is not null, check the checkbox (or "Yes" for a text field).


I am receiving errors for all of the different If statements I've tried and am wondering if such a statement will work with a multi-select field.  Any ideas?

Rachel Miller

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  • The easiest would be to do a checkbox formula field. You could do this simply as:

    ToText([Data Elements])=""​

    Since the only options are True or False, you don't actually have to use a full IF/Then/Else setup, you can just identify the criteria that would create a True statement.

    Blake Harrison