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10 months ago

Formula for Counting Notes in a Field by User

I've created a formula (thanks to the help from this community) that gives me a tally of the number of times a specific record has been modified.  This works perfectly. However, I'd like to break this count down by user.  For example, if a record was modified 4 times, I'd like to see that John Smith modified it twice and Jane Smith modified it twice.

Any ideas? For reference, I've used the following formula to tally the modifications:

Part([Log Notes],2,"]"), 
Part([Log Notes],3,"]"),
Part([Log Notes],4,"]"),
Part([Log Notes],5,"]"),


Jesse T

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  • Ah, that's really gunna be hard.

    If you really wanted that I would suggest that you get away from using the down and dirty log notes method and set up a proper Child table where you add child to add a note. Then you can summarize that easily every which way with a little summary report of the notes, summarized by User.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)