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2 years ago

Formula help

Help lol!!! Im new to formulas and im trying to get my report to only show projects with certian task open but only if other task are closed.


Show all projects that have install task open but only if the permit task is closed

Stephanie Delahunty

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  • So you can set this using the 'filter' section of the report builder.   If you show us what you have so far we can probably help better.

    Jeff Peterson
  • OK, you have a relationship where one project has many tasks. Go to that relationship and create a summary checkbox field for ANY task where the type is Permit and the Status is closed.  Call this [Any Permits closed?].
    Then create a new summary checkbox field for Any Tasks of type Install where the status is Open.  Call this [Any Open Install Tasks?]

    Then simply filter the project reports where those two fields are checked.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)