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Formula Query Question HAS/CT

@Quick Base Junkie gives an amazing tutorial on Formula Queries. Also, previously in the community explained HAS vs CT (contains). The difference being, HAS looks at a multi select text and must match an entire part.

For example: Monday; Tuesday ; Wednesday

If you use contains Day, it will yield a result, if you use HAS day, it will not. You would need HAS Monday, or something like that.

Makes sense, but I can't seem to get it to work in practice.

I have a 'Classifications' multi select text field, which often only has one item select. In a good example, in one instance only the selection "Engineer" is selected in the multi select text field. My search query:

{14.CT.'Engineer'} returns a result as expected.
{14.HAS.'Engineer'} returns no result. I expected both to return the same result in this particular case. What am I misunderstanding?

Mike Tamoush

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  • Hi Mike,

    The HAS intended use-case is for list-user fields, I pasted the documentation below:




    (Do not use this operator with list-user fields; instead, use HAS.)



    Contains a specific set of users. Used with list-user fields only.

    For each user you are trying to find, you must enter the user's ID, user name, or email address. You can also enter placeholder names. Be sure to surround placeholder names with double quotes.

    The query parameter must be surrounded by single quotes.

    Separate users in the list using a semi-colon.

    For example:

    <query>{'6'.HAS.'-8675309; -9873297'}</query>

    Sean Connaughton