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3 years ago

Further summarization in a summary report

Hello all,

Question 1: Is it possible to show a total of the "Estimated Revenue" and "EST COGS" after each month instead of a grand total at the bottom? 

Question 2: Is it possible to have the "Closure Percentage" field editable in a summary report? Need to take summary data, apply a "closure percentage" and calculate the "Revised Revenue" and "Revised COGS"?  ie. closure percentage is 90% for Feb 2022 Confirmed- rev: $326,649.35 & COGS: $148,847.79.  So "Revised Revenue" field would be $293,984.42 and "Revised COGS" field would be $133,963.01.  As a work around, I've added columns to a summary report so we can export to a csv file however what is the best way to create this functionality  within the app?  

Vero Fabiana
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