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2 years ago

Get Base64 of File

Is there any was to encode a file attachment field into base64 in QB?

Justin Ferris

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  • Hi Justin,

    I can confirm for you that there isn't a setting in Quickbase that would allow you to toggle a file attachment field to encode that way. That may be something a partner could help with but  it isn't something I'm familiar with anyone offering right now.

    Evan Martinez
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      I think this would be a useful feature to have in Quickbase. Particularly in the APIs, where it would be nice to toggle between the URL and the base64 version of the file in the response.
      To me feels a bit cumbersome to be dependent on a partner for such a simple feature.

      Allan Schweitz
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        If you feel like you are able to use JavaScript well enough I would suggest exploring doing this in a code page. I believe it would be possible there in some way. If you are not comfortable with JavaScript you will likely need to hire someone that is. 

        Beyond that doing it natively in Quickbase may be possible. There are formula functions such as Base64Encode and Base64Decode. Searching on Google I see some people that have managed to upload base64 in Quickbase to the file attachment field using php, but that isn't ideal lol.