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8 months ago

Get value of Docusign custom field in Pipeline


I'm needing to filter a completed Docusign document by the Record ID#, in order to match it back to a QB record.

I have a Powerform in Docusign which I've added the QB Record ID# into the URL, which is sent via an email from a button on a Clients record.  When they follow the Powerform link, the Record ID# is displayed on the document in a custom field.  

When the document is signed and completed, I have a Pipeline which uploads it to the Client Record in QB.  I was using the email address to match the QB record with the Docusign document, but I have clients with the same email address, since the email is for the Guardian, who can have more than 1 client.  This is why I'm trying to use the Record ID# to match it back to the correct client record. 

Here's how I have it filtering by email address: 

How can I get that custom field with the Record ID# to show in the pipeline filter so I can match it back to the correct Client?  I know I need to pull the value somehow using a step, but that's where I'm stuck.  If someone can steer me in the right direction, I'd be forever grateful.  

Thanks, Dana

Dana Hauser
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