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2 years ago

Grid edit in pipeline


I have a table Inventory orders in which whenever a checkbox is checked the Quantity field in another table Parts should get reduced by 1. I have created a pipeline for this.
The issue here is, when the records are grid edited in inventory orders, and if 2 records having same Part ID in inventory order are edited at a time, ideally the number in Quantity of Part table should get reduced by 2, but it is reducing by 1. The cause is both the triggers are at the same time and the pipeline triggers at a time for both the records. 
But the ask is, it should trigger one-by-one and the number should be reduced by 2.

Thank you!

Aishwarya Jinde

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  • You might consider using a relationship instead, to sum the #  of parts used. ​​

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)