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3 months ago

Grid Edit

I would like to know is it possible to have a value populated for the drop down field in the grid edit in the embedded report on the form. My try is to use the same table for multiple section to capture the child record. So i was trying to have multiple embedded report for each section and I was trying to populate the different values for each section in the grid edit in the parent form for the same field. any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Murali Lokesh raja

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  • Not in the way you're describing it unfortunately, no. Your best option is to try and have a field in each grid edit report that helps you define what type of record it is and then group accordingly. So you might have a field for 'Type 1' that you include in the first grid edit with it's set of options, then a field for 'Type 2' that is only in grid edit 2 and with different options. Then you know if Type 1 is filled out it goes in the first grid, if Type 2 it goes in the 2nd etc. 

    Chayce Duncan
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    I'd highly encourage everyone here who wants to see this feature become a reality go to their "My Apps" page and click on the "Feedback" tab at the left. There is an existing request for this but it has only 8 votes over the last year. More votes would boost its priority for development.