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3 years ago

Group Tables by Category / Different View of Tables bar?

Is there a way to 'group' the top table bar, based on categories I make? Or make a custom bar at the top that isn't just 1 row of tables?

Our primary app has a lot of uses....which means the number of tables is getting high. This makes finding the table you're looking for inefficient. I know you can re-arrange them, but hoping I can extend that top bar to two rows - or separate them by 'category'? Is there a way to do this?

Trying to better streamline our table selection. For clarity, the screenshot below is what I am trying to expand rows or clearly categorize, etc. 

Christopher Cusumano

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  • There is not a way to change the way that table Icons appear.  There is a black triangle drop own on the right side of the last icon on  any page and it will drop down a searchable list of all the tables, I have a client who surprised me by simply organizing all the tables in alphabetical order. That way he could easily find whatever table he wanted.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)