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2 years ago

Growing frustration over mobile bugs

Is anyone else becoming infuriated over the amount of bugs in mobile? I have heard they are working on mobile this year, but it is September and I have seen no releases to fix anything.

At this point, almost NO dynamic form rules to show/hide fields on mobile work. Finding work arounds is nearly impossible.

Ive started at least one feedback and continuously upvote, but hoping more voices can be heard.

Mike Tamoush

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  • Hi Mike,

    I like you cannot stand the mobile experience.  It feels archaic to me.  We have so many modern apps with modern capabilities.  I can tell you that I was asked to present at a customer network session and the quick base rep I worked with heard my frustration over mobile and I was interviewed by the mobile development team on what is coming.  They are making significant changes and they did share the roadmap with me but I don't think it is my place to share.  That being said I did not necessarily agree with the order in which they were doing things and the length of time it was going to take.  Today is a mobile first world.  But I can say I saw what is planned and there is forward movement.

    Ivan Weiss
  • You are not alone!  I have quite a few bugs in the mobile app; most, but not all, are related to dynamic form rules.  It makes it very difficult to roll out changes to our main app.  I have it tested and working just fine in the browser; then when I test on mobile it doesn't work properly.  Sometimes I can ignore or work around, but not always; right now I have a change that I have to delay because it won't work correctly on mobile.  It's frustrating to have to change directions just to work around mobile bugs!

    I have brought some of the issues up with my QB tech consultant; his response is always to submit to support, which I get.  Unfortunately, I know the best way to make sure it is moved up the chain quickly is to provide lots of detail and, ideally, a video.  That of course takes time to do.

    Some of these issues are very basic (a DFR that changes the value of a field when another checkbox field changes); it's hard to believe that no one else has discovered this before.  I have to assume it's just not a very high priority.

    Jennifer Marquette