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2 years ago

Help with creating a Relationship using a Report Link Field.

I have three tables across 2 Apps:

App 1 - Table A (Customers) - Parent to Table B (App 1)

App 1 - Table B (RelatedGroups) - Union Table - (between A & C)

App 2 - Table C (Groups) - Parent to Table B (App 1)

App 1

-Table A (Customers) is the Parent Table to Table B (RelatedGroups) – 

-Table B (RelatedGroups) are Groups that have been confirmed/validated (Related Groups) to have a relationship with Table A (customer).

App 2 - Table C (Groups) – this table holds a list of Group records – 

*A Customer record may be related to multiple Groups AND a Group record may belong to multiple Customers (thus union table B).

On a Customer record form, I have 2 views that display Groups.

1st View) Relationships (confirmed/validated) -between Table A (Customers) and Table B (RelatedGroups) - I considered the relationships in this view as "confirmed/validated".

2nd View) This view is based on a [Report Link Field] - displaying possible relationships - between Table A (App 1) and Table C (App 2) -- Report Link field -- based on  Customer Table A [City] and Group Table C [City].

The 2nd view is used to help identify possible related Groups -- that should be in the 1st View (confirmed/validated related groups).

Is it possible to have a "button" field that appears within the 2nd View....So that when an app user identifies --- a "confirmed/validated" related Group -- ---- can click this "button" -- within the 2nd View (which is a report Link/View) – that creates a record within Table B (RelatedGroups) – as well as establishes child relationships between Table A (App 1) and Table C (App 2).

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Brad Elmore
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