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3 years ago

Hiding native save and close buttons on mobile

I have an EOTI to collect some data and while the web version works exactly like we want,  the mobile version shows the native save and close buttons, as well as an ad for the QuickBase mobile app.    How can I hide these?  It's very important as the native save button breaks the workflow we are building and I need the user to use my custom save button as it redirects to a 'thank you' page.   Anyone figured this out yet?

Jeff Peterson

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  • Please go to Quickbase "Suggestion Feedback" tab and upvote the existing issues.  If enough people upvote that it will tell Quickbase that the User base values this software update.  This tab shows up on the left side of the Quickbase interface as a small tab (blue maybe).

    Thanks!  And spread the word!
  • Hi Team...

    No solution for this requirement yet?

    I am very frustrated trying to hide the native Save and Cancel buttons and still I don't know how.

    The buttons are causing a lot of flow issues and I have to hide them.

    Any solution to this issue?

    Thank you!


    David Rascon
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      I'm with everyone here. We need the option to hide the save and cancel on mobile. Ill look for it in the user feedback.

      Mike Tamoush
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        They are close to releasing new forms in Beta. New forms is their answer to Web Mobile.   Web mobile new forms is supposed to act the same as new forms on desktop.  

        Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)