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2 months ago

Historical Date Change Tracking

I am trying to set up a date field that has changed logged within the form, similar to text fields. Is this possible in Quickbase, maybe using a formula? We are tracking target completion dates. Thes...
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    2 months ago

    There are many ways to do this but let me start with the most simple one.

    Make a new field called [Target Completion Date Changes] which would be a text field and enable logging.  

    Make a form rule that says when the record is saved and the date has changed

    Action :

    Change the value of the field [Target Completion Date Changes] to the value of the field [Target Completion Date]  


    An alternative method is to use a pipeline that triggers when the date changes and to add a record to a child table.  You would create a field on that table called user who changed and this would be a user type field and you would populate that with the [Last Modified by] field of the changed record.