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3 years ago

Tracking Historical Status Changes

Hi! I want to be able to track status' for orders, arrivals, updates of orders as they change. This is how I have things set up right now: 

I didn't only want to have the input on the right because if I need to export and start things over again I figured that'd be more difficult. Is there anyway to basically be able to select one dropdown but have the historical data shown automatically like I have on the right? 

Any insight would be much appreciated! 

Annie Ryden

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  • Hi Annie,

    One way people track historical data to make import/export and reporting on status changes even easier is to create a child table to track those status changes. Then you can create a Pipeline that is set up for every time a Status changes create a record in the new Status Changes Tracking child table to reflect that change (you can even set it up to capture other data as well if you need). This way you have a separate table of status changes that you can report on and track to figure out things like how often your status is updated to problematic in a time frame across all projects etc. You can even then put a report link to that child table on your current table so you can see them all.

    Evan Martinez
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      Can you expand on this a little more?    I have a field that is call "STATUS" .  In that I have a drop down with 
      • Contract
      • Details
      • Available
      • Completed
      • Billing
      • Final Costing
      • Closed
      I would like to know how many days (or hours) that this record is in each stage. 

      Do I need another table to do this?

      Tina Revermann
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        You question is a classic one that difficult.  I think that the best suggestion is to have a Pipeline or Automation which writes out a record to a child table with the Status and the Start Date/Time.  But the first step of that Automation would be to scan for any existing Status Log records that were not closed out with an End Date/Time.
        Then write out a new Status Log record.  The Start date/ time can actually come from either the date Created field or else a field set to default to the Current Date Time.

        The advantage of this logging method is that status changes can go backwards in the sequence.  You can then make a summary report as an embedded Report Link on the main Parent record of the total time by Status.

        Mark Shnier (YQC)