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9 years ago

How can we email a custom dashboard page as a subscription?

I've found that sometimes users prefer dashboards to multiple emailed reports.  How can I email the users a dashboard page I have created that includes a couple of summary reports, a chart as well as one full report in an email subscription?  Is this possible with native QB?  If yes, where is the setting option?  I'm only seeing a report drop down in subscriptions.  I'm not seeing a similar option to select a page .    Thanks in advance for any direction/suggestions.

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  • While you cannot email a dashboard, you could email a link to a dashboard.  So for the busy executive who wants their daily dashboard reminder, you just create a report with one record on it that will go to the users.  They will have a report with a single column on it that says click here to see the dashboard.  Then you basically hard code a URL formula field to display the dashboard page.
  • Has there been any functionality added to support this since the post 2 yrs ago?
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        I agree this needs to be a feature.  Salesforce has been doing this for years.  It severely limits the capability of Quickbase customers, as well as diminishes C-Suite buy-in when evaluating Quickbase vs. other systems that are more capable and feature enriched.

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