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3 years ago

How to allow Stakeholder (Viewer) Role temporary permissions to create and edit Project & one Child Table?

We have completed a soft launch of a large Project Portfolio Management application that will be rolled out to ~150 users on Jan.3.2022.   We have a known design problem that needs to be resolved prior to full launch. 

Situation:  Approximately 25 of the users are Project Requestors (Stakeholders) that during the 'Project Intake' will need to create a new project, complete a detailed definition, identified impacts to value chains, complete a prioritization matrix and add scoping attachments.   All fields with the exception of attachments are on the PROJECTS (parent) table.   The Attachments are on an ATTACHMENTS (child) table.   The Requestor will need to save the project at least twice (once to create the record before the attachment files can be attached and again when they have completed their work).  We have also encouraged them to Save & Keep working so as not to lose part of the detail.  After the initial completion of the Project Intake, we would like to allow the Project Requestors to edit their New Request project  for a few days until the Portfolio Team is able to complete a preliminary review for completeness of the Intake Request. 

Subsequent to the Portfolio Review, the Requestor should revert to having View Only access for the life cycle of the project (similar to ~100 other Stakeholder).   Although we have a trigger (the change from New Request status to Active Status) we feel we should not try to restrict access at a field level due to the complexity and data sensitivity of the Projects Table and its associated 8 children tables. 

Question:  Please advise on how best to enable a situation where Requestor users have create / edit access temporarily during the intake process and then view access only thereafter?   

We are considering have a separate loader table which could feed the field values on the Project form but we have two constraints:

1) Requestors would be notified of a Loader Table Record ID for editing purposes but would have a separate Record ID for the Projects Table (confusing)

2) The parent / child relationship of Projects / Attachments requires the attachments to be made from the related Parent (not a loader table)

Thoughts on how best to solve this design issue?     

Annetta Coleman

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  • With guidance from the QuickBase support team, I was able to very easily accomplish the scenario above in approx 30 minutes (including testing time).   I was overthinking the process.

    1. I set up a checkbox on the intake form for the Requestor to confirm when the Project Intake form was complete.   Form properties hide this field once it has been checked and changes the "Ready for Review" checkboxes for the Business and IT Reviewers. 
    2. On Role Permissions for the Table, I set conditional add/edit for the Requestor to be able to add a new record and edit the intake fields only provided that the Project was owned by the User, still in New Request Status and the "Intake form is complete?" checkbox was not checked.    Thereafter the Requestor only has View Access (to the entire record).    

      I was rather impressed with how easy this was to accomplish.   I appreciate native QuickBase functionality more and more every day.

    Annetta Coleman