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3 years ago

How to change the appearance of a summary report?

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if it's possible, but it's what my boss wants for a particular report.

I currently have a report for # of people registered for events, organized by health regions, and then by community.  It looks like this (but with around 80 communities - so long and hard to read in this default format)​:

                                  Health Region 1  |  Health Region 2  |   Health Region 3
Community 1   -               5
Community 2 -                                                       10
Community 3 -                                                                                        7

and so forth.  But a community can only exist within a specific health region; so what she wants to see is a different way of rolling this data up.  Preferably a table more like this:

Health Region 1 - 50   |    Health Region 2 - 75   |   Health Region 3 - 90
   Community 1 - 5       |       Community 2 - 10    |        Community 3 - 7
   Community 7 - 15     |       Community 4 - 15    |        Community5 - 15
   Community 8 - 20    |       Community 6 - 25    |       Community 9 - 35

Is this possible?  

Thank you for any guidance you can offer!
Take care,

Jennifer Juhasz

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  • I've spent the whole day on this, and am no closer to a solution.

    At this time, I've created 5 separate summary reports - one per health region - that lists their individual communities with the total # of registrations; and then have just put them side-by-side in a Dashboard. 

    Even if I could find some way to add sub-totals to a summary report so I could break up the rows into groupings by the 'health region' parameter, it would be a step forward; but I don't think this is possible either.

    I also am not sure if I create a totally separate table and use formula queries to populate it, that I could get the data that I need.  Is this just another function that Quickbase cannot do, but Excel can?

    Thank you!​

    Jennifer Juhasz
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      Do you have a relationship where one Health Region has many communities? 
      If so, you could create a text field on the community record which contained the name of the community and that count value.

      Then use a Combined Text Summary field to roll those up to the Health Region.

      Then use a formula to get rid of the Bubble appearance and  change to a vertical list.

      SerachAndReplace(ToText([My Combined Text Summary field]), " ; ", "\n")

      Mark Shnier (YQC)
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        Hi Mark,

        Thank you so much for this!  I do have a relationship where one Health Region has many communities. 

        It took me a bit of thinking to figure it out - but I have everything here, except where to put in the formula you suggest:
        SerachAndReplace(ToText([My Combined Text Summary field], " ; ", "\n")

        The Summary Field defaults to a 'multi-select' text field, with no option to change to a formula-multi-select text field... at least so far as I can see.  Where do you input the formula?

        Thank you again!  I appreciate your help so much,


        Jennifer Juhasz