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3 years ago

How to create change log

I wanted to track the history records of a specific field. It's like the formula in the table below. Does anyone know how to create this formula? I want to track WHO changed WHAT field(OLD VALUE vs NEW VALUE)by WHEN.
This field is from builder program/exchange/PI-01 Job Candidate Tracker/Candidates. It doesn't tell me how to create this formula.

Di Miran

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  • That was done with an Automation which can then be converted to a Pipeline or directly with a Pipeline.
    The data is being written to a text field with logging enabled.  But where to get the words from?

    An Automation can trigger when the status field changes.  The Automation can write a combination of specific words to a field as well as field values. I see that they have the name of the [Last Modified by].  Since [Last Modified by] is a User field type, you will probably need to use a helper field called [Name of Last Modified by]

    UsertoName([Last Modified by])

    When you create the Automation step to update that log field there will be drop down choices to use the values from the changed record  and you can also type in fixed text to make it read like a sentence.  Among the field choices there will also be a way to get at the same selection of fields but for the (old values) of those fields.  You need to sort of twist open those at the bottom of the list of fields.

    So you can do this with an Automation which will need to be converted to a pipeline by the end of the year or go into the deep end and go straight to a Pipeline.  To get at the Previous value of a field in a pipeline you drag the field into the box and then hand edit it like this.

    drag this

    and hand edit to this

    The other approach of courses is to do this with an Automation and then immediately convert it to a pipeline. Then you will see how the conversion tool handles this issue of the previous value of a field.  


    Mark Shnier (YQC)