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8 months ago

How to get the data of "List All" reports across all tables or a single table using Quickbase API

Hi, I'm trying to get "List All" data of a table and then later of all tables available through Quickbase HTTP API. I cannot use the JSON RESTful API as that doesn't have a way to authenticate using username and password but directly with user token, which I do not want to use.

Can someone help me get this data through Quickbase HTTP documentation?

Praharsha K

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  • If you want the actual "List All" report in Quikbase, you can perform a doQuery using the HTTP API and instead of providing a strict query pass in qid=1. So: 


    If you want a true unfiltered download of all fields in your table, you could do: 


    You are not required to provide any kind of query parameter and in place it will return all records and clist=a returns all fields

    Chayce Duncan