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3 years ago

How to mark an event as full


I have a parent table - "Shifts" and a child table as "Shift Sign-Ups".  How can I automatically mark the shift in the parent as "Full" - once there are two sign ups in the child table? I also want the "Shifts" parent table to automatically color coded to show shifts that are full vs those that are not full.


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  • You'll want to create a summary field which is # of Shift Sign ups. This will simply count the number of child records.

    You can have a formula that simply says when [# of shift sign ups] = 2, label it full. That formula can be a formula txt and say 'Full' or a formula checkbox.

    As far as reports with colors, you can use the color coding options on the bottom of the report to simply say, if([# of shift signups]=2, "hex color code")

    If you get the summary field, and have trouble with either step, you can reply back with exactly what you are looking for (I want a field that says 'Full', etc).

    Mike Tamoush