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2 years ago

How to pass multiple records from 1 table to another based on a field in one table matching

I have a table (Table 1) called activities where there is a column called activity. This is in effect the name of a collection of components. On another table (Table 2), i have the components that make up that activity. Table 2 has a column that references the activity from table 1 and a second column showing the component of that activity. There will be 2 or more components to each activity, each as a separate record

Then, on a 3rd table called orders, i need to be able to select the activity (dropdown via relationship from table 1)  and then QB copy all of the components from table 3 into seperate rows. I can do this with pipelines but im afraid it may lose the connection to be able to be modified

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  • I think Pipelines is the way to go here. Why are you afraid you may lose the connection? 

    Tammie King