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2 years ago

How to setup the Turnover time per each user for each record

Good afternoon,

I'm looking to setup my QuickBase app in a way that I can counter how much time each organization is spending to manage each record added in my table.

Let's say that I have 3 organizations and 3 people are working on an issue/record like so:

Organization (1-3)/user

  1. John
  2. Maria
  3. Ana

- A record is added to a table by John from organization "1" with the issue: Package arrived to the wrong destination.

John's record creation has the time stamp 01.03.2023 10:00 AM

Maria from organization 2 is accessing the record and asks for additional details from John.

Maria's request inside the record has a time stamp  01.03.2023 10:10 AM and the request is sent back to John, organization 1.

- John from organization 1 replies with the details at 01.03.2023 10:40 AM

- Maria is adding additional details to the record and forwards the issue to Ana from organization 3, at  01.03.2023 10:50 AM

Ana from organization 3 is requesting additional details from John (organization 1) at 01.03.2023 11:00 AM

- John replies at 01.03.2023 11:10 AM

- Ana closes the record at 01.03.2023 11:20 AM

The time spent to close this record was: 80 minutes (1 hour and 20 minutes/ 0.04 days) by all organizations/users.

What do I want to return out of this record? The time spent per each Organization (not user) to have this record closed.

 In this case:

  1. John spent: 30 minutes (to reply to Maria's additional details request) + 10 minutes (to reply to Ana's additional details request) = 40 minutes
  2. Maria spent: 10 minutes (to reply by asking John for additional details) + 10 minutes (to add details to the record and forward the record to Ana) = 20 minutes
  3. Ana spent: 10 minutes (to reply by asking John for additional details) + 10 minutes (to close the record) = 20 minutes

For this case I would like to have a quick base setup for fields and formulas to retrieve this scenario. Keep in mind that each organization might have multiple users. This is why I need to count time spent per Organization and not per user. :)

Costin Angelescu

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  • The concept would be to create a child table to with records having fields for the start and end time of each interaction with the issue. Then make URL formula buttons to update these records when the user works with an issue -so remove the native View /Edit buttons on reports, for example and replace with new button to update the status. 

    I have done this kind of tracking before. But I think that the detailed steps to set this up is beyond what can reasonably be provided on the Forum. 

    If you have a small budget for consulting and this is important enough to solve, feel free to contact me via the information in my signature line.

    If you are comfortable making URL Formula buttons, I suppose that we could also continue to work this issue on this Community Forum. But it would be too much to provide the actual syntax for the buttons.   

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)