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3 years ago

How to to re-position back to Grid Edit Report upon Save & Keep Working?

I have a lengthy grid edit report for updating project tasks.   Updating Projected and Actual Start & End Dates, updating % complete, task comments, etc.   The project managers need to come to this grid edit table and make numerous edits in one setting.   So that they do not lose work, they are encouraged to Save & Keep Working at appropriate intervals or when they need to step away from their work space.   Problem:   When the user does a Save & Keep working from the Grid Edit of a Child Table, they are routed back to the Parent Record and must re-open the same Grid Edit Table they were previously working.  (This is how I would expect Save & Close of the Grid Edit table should work.)   

How do I get the Save & Keep working from Grid Edit (of child table) to save the then re-position back to the Grid Edit Table so they can keep working in their grid edits of that child table?

Annetta Coleman
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