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2 years ago

How to turn off Hyperlinks in report

When a field is added to a report that points to a parent record QuickBase makes it a hyperlink so the parent record can be opened from the report.  How can the hyperlink for these parent records be deactivated?

Business Objective:  I am making specific reports available to a role where the report contents need to be visible, but they should not be able to open the linked record in a form.

I looked in the report configuration where I thought there was a switch to turn off hyperlinks, but I could not find it.  Then I looked in the form parameters for the table to see if I could eliminate a form from the role, but leaving it blank or "no access" were not options.  I looked in the role security configuration, but nothing related to form access.  I could not deactivate table access because the users in the role do need to see the data in various reports and children reports where there is context to the value(s).

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  • np, 
    look on the field properties for the field and de-select
    Lookup options
    Display as a link to the related record

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      If you sometimes have the situation where you want some roles to have the hyperlink and other roles not to have the hiccups for link or then just make a mirror field with a Formula equal to the value of the hyper link field. Then that will be a form of the field and it will not have a hyperlink.

      Then you can choose which field to put on certain reports and you can have form rules to show or hide the hyperlink or non-hyperlink field based on the role that the user is in.

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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        This is helpful. Thank you both!

        Steve Hanson