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10 months ago

How to use Expression (advanced) in IF condition in pippelines


I am new to quickbase pipelines.  I would like my flow to do a if-then-else base on a value in the message body.  

In step A, I setup a Webhooks-Incoming Request.  And then in Step B, I want to evaluate a data from {{a.body_params.header.Action}} to a value.  If true, then do something.  That's it.  However, seems like no matter what I typed in the box, the evaluation result always set to "True".  (i.e. "evaluates to TRUE" become the pre-set constant result).  Anything I did wrong?

Besides, I can't pick a data field from the A.Body Parameters.Header UI.  It shows "No results found".  How to let quickbase to learn a data model and so it can populate data fields? 

Here is the return from the the webhook.

Thanks for any suggestions.  



Kinson Lam

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  • It seems like a syntax issue. In my experience it's easier to keep everything in the braces so the pipeline is only evaluating whats in the braces. 

    {{a.body_params.header.Action}} is "RecordUpdate" 


    {{a.body_params.header.Action === 'RecordUpdate'}}

    Chayce Duncan
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      This method is still not working.  it still always gives "false" even the value of a.body_params.header.Action is "InternalNoteChanged".  any idea how to make it work?

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        How about the capitalization in the Jinja expression?  Change Action to action.

        {{a.body_params.header.action === 'RecordUpdate'}}

        Don Larson