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3 years ago

I need to create a drilldown report that filters for the user that is clicked on and display their records

The [Name] field (id 56) needs to be the user that filters the report that is drilldown to in this link but I don't know the URL syntax to filter the report dynamically via a URL.

"<div><a class='OpenAsPopup' data-height='700' data-width='1400' title='Click to View Historical Data' href='" & URLRoot()& "/db/brqaqhw2i?a=q&qid=5&ifv=0" & "'><b>" & [Name] & "</b></a></div>"

Greg Garcia

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  • Have you attempted to use the "ask the user" option in your report filters? If not, you would need to add a filter to the report where the name field is equal to <ask the user>.

    As for the url, it would look something like this:
    URLRoot()& "/db/brqaqhw2i?a=q&qid=5&nv=1&v0=" & [username field]

    Ahuva Brown