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2 years ago

If statement applying logic across the full column when it finds a true value

Hi everyone,

I have an IF statement that I would like to use to swap out a column for another column when a condition is met. The goal is to have this formula evaluate the condition for each row. For some reason, when just one record in the table meets the condition, the entire list of records is getting changed and not just the individual record. Anyone know why this could be?
Here is my formula:

If(IsNull([RecordID (Official) - Country_CCC_Pts]),[RecordID (Official) - Total_Points],[RecordID (Official) - Country_CCC_Pts])

Essentially all this formula is doing is saying if RecordID (Official - Country_CCC_Pts is null, then use the total points column. Else use the Country_CCC_Pts column

Again, I need this to only apply to the records that meet the condition, not the entire column all at once

Spencer Chaffee
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