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2 years ago

If Statements with inches

So I may have caused myself issues with my setup.  But my problem is doing If statements with conditions which have an Inch (") in the name.

Ceil(If(="Per Piece",

IF ([Material Description]="WEEP AID",[Plan/Trade Product Line - Plan - Bid Set Weep Aid]/,[Material description]="4" DIAMOND LATH STRIPS",0),0)

I stopped because I have numerous Material Descriptions which include (") identifier in the name such as the Diamond Lath Strips. I guess I could go through and change all the names to read inch but there's a lot of them.  Is there a ' function which allows me to bypass the problem?

Paul Elliott

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  • Haven't tried it, but generally you have to escape the restricted characters:

    "This is the  \"Younameit\" Product" 

    Malcolm McDonald