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Increased Visibility of Pipelines for App & Realm Admins

Increased Visibility of Pipelines for App & Realm Admins

If you’re wishing it were easier to see if someone else has built pipelines that are interacting with your Quickbase App, or simply wanting to know what pipelines other people have created, then you’ll be excited to hear about two of our newest features. In September 2022, we introduced a new view for app managers that provides visibility into any pipelines that are connecting to that app. We also rolled out a new way for realm admins to find comprehensive information about all the pipelines in their account. These new capabilities ensure that you’ll never have to be in the dark about anything that has the potential to affect you, your data, or your workflow.

In-App Visibility

Connection Central provides the agility and confidence for app admins to know which pipelines touch their apps, if any, whether they need to know so they can troubleshoot or work on integrations. Previously, app admins had no way of knowing which pipelines connected to their apps and had to rely on organizational communication and word-of-mouth. They could previously ‘Switch to user’ in Pipelines to find the pipeline owner and the pipelines connected to an app.


App admins can find Connection central by navigating to the settings of their app and locating ‘Connection central’ under the Advanced section.

Suspect a pipeline is updating data inaccurately? Or suspect that data is being written to an app at an undesirable frequency?  Navigate to Connection central to find the pipeline owner’s email and investigate how the pipeline impacts your app. You’ll be able to see the pipeline's name, owner's email, description, and whether the pipeline is triggered manually, scheduled, or triggered by an event.


Realm-level Visibility

The Realm pipelines view allows realm admins to see a list of all pipelines in their realm in one concise view. Previously, realm admins had to ‘Switch to user’ for each pipeline owner to view the pipelines and ‘take inventory.’ Now, it’s just a matter of one click from the My Pipelines page!

Realm admins who navigate to the My Pipelines page can now access this new feature by clicking on the new toggle on the top-right corner.

Have a realm pipeline that you don’t own but you know is causing problems? Need to identify which channels are used in the pipelines of your realm? Navigate to Realm pipelines to get the pipeline owner or maybe the apps involved under the pipeline details.

More enhancements are sure to come in the future, but in the meantime read more about these two features in the Connection central help article or the Realm Admin View of Pipelines help article.


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