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3 years ago

Inserting RESTful JSON call before page load

Looking to know if anyone has successfully inserted a RESTful API call that initiates when a record is opened for editing that calls an external data source (with existing key field) and fetches data to then present on the Edit form.

Any guidance you can provide would be appreciated.

Satyen Vora

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  • Hi Satyen,

    It sounds like you might need to look into setting up a button that calls a code page to run an API and give users some direction while it runs and then direct them to a form in edit mode after the record gets created since you need to go to an external data source. Alternatively you might be able to create a workflow where you have a user trigger a Pipeline to create that record. There isn't a way within just a button you could get all of that to happen or to put that kind of action within our existing new record buttons if that is what you are looking to do that I am familiar with. Someone else on the community may have a technique they have used in the past to do something similar to you that they could recommend.

    Evan Martinez