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Introducing Data Classification

Data Classification in Quickbase

We are excited to introduce new Data Classification functionality that will allow you as a Quickbase administrator to define data classifica-tions and apply these labels to your applications. Data classification is a process of grouping and labeling data based on risk categories and a bedrock of an effective information governance strategy. Data classification is a crucial practice for administrators inside of Quickbase to follow data governance methods and have improved application visibility.

Why use Data Classification?

Data classification is a key practice for risk mitigation and a key requirement for compliance, especially for regulated industries. As a CIO or Security Officer, classifying data into appropriate categories also allows you to more easily know where sensitive information exists in Quickbase applications. As a Quickbase Realm Administrator that cares about understanding your data and having more visibility into each application about this data, Quickbase Data Classification can now provide you with this information straight from the product.

What about User & Builders?

Quickbase Data Classification functionality will also provide application-level visibility to your users and builders. Your users and builders will have the ability to see the data labels and associated descriptions when they access any classified application. This will provide confidence to these users and builders, as they will better understand how to handle the data and how to adhere to data governance practices.

Data Classification Best Practices

As a Realm Administrator, you have the ability to customize your Data Classification list in order to appropriately label the types of data you have across your Quickbase applications. Your labels will depend on your industry and data stored in Quickbase, and may include “Confidential” or “Internal Use”, as seen in the pre-set list of labels Quickbase provides. We recommend you modify the pre-set list and customize these labels as you see fit. By default, applications will not be labeled with any classification until modified by the Realm Administrator. 

For more information about Data Classification see this Help Article or contact your Account Manager.
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