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2 years ago


On August 1, 2022 we are going live with Our new accounts page will be your hub for making changes to your Quickbase plans and entitlements (upgrade, downgrade, cancellation).  Don't worry you will be able to access this new hub from right inside of your Account CSR, in the same place where you have been accustomed to making changes.  

With the new process, we will walk you through gathering the important information for your change. Once we have collected all the important details they will be sent to a representative who will help you through your changes. Ensuring that you’re on the right plan and entitlements for you is our priority, so we want to make sure you have the human touch.  No changes will be made to how you manage your user access, apps, permissions, in your Quickbase account.  

We understand that this new process may be an adjustment from the previous workflow. If you would like to make any changes in the old system (eg add users), please do so by July 28, 2022. We appreciate your business and look forward to our continued collaboration.  

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