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3 years ago

Is it still worthwhile to use Power BI for dashboarding vs QuickBase's new inhouse dashboard tool?

Given the new QuickBase dashboards and the direction QuickBase is heading towards with dashboarding (i.e., a more state of the art dashboard tool), do you think it's still worthwhile to use Power BI for dashboarding? I've been using the quickbase pages/buttons workaround for a while, which has been pretty effective, but felt limiting and clunky compared to Power BI and other dashboarding systems. And, while QuickBase's new modern dashboards seem very promising, they run very slow, only have up to 4 filters per page, and don't have nearly as many data visualizations as Power BI.

I'd love your thoughts because I'm stumped. It'd be nice to have everything in house, but I also think (from what I've seen)  Power BI dashboards just have much more capabilities. 

Thank you for any support,

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  • Hagos -
    I am certainly not an expert, but wanted to share with you that we have developed a new QB app that utilizes QB Dashboards extensively to ~100 users (approximately 25 heavy users).    Each of our 4 primary roles have a home dashboard for their respective Use Cases.   Each of the dashboards has multiple tabs (along the bottom) and uses Dashboard filters (across the top).   Key status and performance metrics are easily visible given the interactive reports, KPIs, Pie/Area/Bar charts and a customizable buttons.  Our corporate leadership (who view numerous Power BI dashboards) have given our app high praise, albeit I feel that their thirst for visible real time data, notifications and subscriptions is a tipping the scale a bit more than comparative dashboarding features.  Like you, we have an appreciation for internally developed (business) 'developers' rather than trying to prioritize our (internal) IT teams who have bigger corporate priorities.   Although I do have a few recommendations, I have not yet found the need for Power BI in this highly visible app.

    Best of Luck to you in your decision.

    Annetta Coleman