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3 years ago

Is there a way to populate the multiple choice selections in a text field with input from user?

Hello all,

I'm trying to create a training app and I'd like to have the trainer be able to create quiz records in my quiz template table that would serve as the template for my quizzes table which is a child table of the quiz templates table. The idea being that the trainer can create "Quiz 1" by adding a record to the Quiz Templates table, then input questions and answers in text fields, then move on to create "Quiz 2" which would have different questions and answers. 

The problem I'm having is that I can't figure out how to populate multiple choice answers into the child record's answer fields. I've tried setting the Input Type of the fields to "From another field" but it doesn't work whether I point it at a textlist in the same table or parent table, point it at a textlist lookup field from the parent table, or directly at the multiple choice answer field in the parent table.

Is there some trick to getting multiple choice text fields to populate from something other than typing the choices directly into the field (because then I'll be creating new fields answer fields forever...)?

Some more specific info:

Parent table: Quiz Templates
Formula Text Field called "Question 1" which points at a Text input field where the trainer types the question
Multiple Choice Text field called "Answer 1" which I want the trainer to be able to specify the choices for each quiz template record by typing in a text string with some delimiting character into a regular text field

Child table: Quizzes
Lookup field pointing to the Question 1 formula field in the parent table
Multiple Choice Text field - should reflect the answers from the Answer 1 field in the parent table 

Any help/thoughts would be appreciated! 


Albert Campani
Richards, Higdon, Huguet & Campani, APLC
Covington LA
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