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3 months ago

Is there a way to undo/reverse a pipeline run?

I created a pipeline and it updates a number of records but the logic went a little too far. Is there a way to undo the last pipeline run or a trick to recover the previous state of the records?

Conor Gray

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  • No, there is no "undo" button like Excel has or a CTRL-Z in Typing into Word.  I think that your only option is to get into a discussion with Support about providing you back a copy of your app as of a certain midnight or CSV files from previous nightly saves. They retain a nightly backup of your app every night for 14 nights and then every Sunday for six months. 

    The you you would need to manipulate that data to update the records back to the way they were. 

    For example if the key field of a table was Record ID you could import the Record ID and the field(s) which got corrupted back into the app and the old data will merge in on the Record ID as the key field.  


    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Depending on what the actual Pipeline does you could take a look at the activity logs to see the data when it was triggered. If the Pipeline was triggered by an edit you should see the field response of any fields included in the field list and their value when it was triggered. It would be a relatively slow and 1x1 process to undo if you can but something to look at. 

      Chayce Duncan