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Jinja Expression Help


I have a project that contains items (parent table) and arrays (child table). All the items contain the exact same array names on creation. Meaning every item will start off with array names 1,2,3, ...etc. I want the user to be able to change these names if they want to. So I am trying to build a pipeline so that when the user updates one array name, it goes through all the arrays and changes every array with that same name to the new one.

For example, if I change array name 1 to "Barry," the pipeline will go through all the arrays and change every array with the name 1 to "Barry."

In order to avoid an infinite loop, I created a field checkbox that, when checked, will trigger the pipeline. So to trigger the pipeline, the user will update the name of the array and then check the box. 

My pipeline then searches the arrays table and I queried to compare the previous value of the updated record to the current names of all the other records. However, it always comes up false even when they are the same. Can someone see if I am doing something wrong with jinja?

Step a: The updated record trigger
Step b: The search records action block

Thank you

Tom Leick

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  • I think you may be making this a bit more complex than you need to. Here's how I would setup a Pipeline for this:

    • Trigger: When Array is Edited and
      • Trigger on [Array Name] field
      • Query:
        • Array Name - is not equal to - {{a.$prev.array_name}}
    • Search Array Records where
      • Query:
        • Array Name - is equal to - {{a.$prev.array_name}}
      • For Each:
        • Update Record

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