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Jira Pipelines - Cannot access custom fields

Hi all, I ran into a bit of a snag when integrating Jira with my Quickbase application. We utilize Jira as an externally facing tool for data collection within our company and Quickbase is reserved specifically for my team, due to data separation policies. We developed a workflow in Jira that other employees can interact with to catalog specific information, and we store those details within "Custom Fields" in Jira. 

I am trying to create a pipeline that takes information from linked Jira tickets whenever a status is changed and brings that into a linked record in Quickbase. However, I am unable to access all of the fields in the Jira ticket from within pipelines. Most of the information available is metadata included in all Jira tickets. I cannot access the specific Custom Fields that I need to collect data from.

Any advice on how to access all of the fields within my Jira ticket so I can use them within Pipelines?

Matthew Rand

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  • You can set it up the other way round, but that means you won't be able to use the out of the box connector. Jira has a feature called Automations that has similar functionality to Pipelines. Whenever a change to an issue meets the conditions that you are looking for in Jira, you can use the "Web Request" action and send the entire Jira object over to a Quickbase Pipeline that starts with an "Incoming Request" trigger from the Webhooks channel. You'll need to know how to use Jinja2 and their object notation navigation, but altogether this is a fairly simple automation.

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    Justin Torrence
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