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  • Hi Rob,

    The limit is currently set for 9 columns if the field is not required (as it includes blank as an option) or 10 column if the field is required. 10 was chosen as a number of column for the early access to reflect the more common Kanban use case and to produce reporting that wasn't overwhelming. Is there a number that would be more ideal for your workflow Rob? We are certainly still open to feedback on the Kanban reporting features and the way our users are making use of the reports. 
  • I come from a bit of a JIRA background, and a nice thing about their Kanban workflow was the ability to group columns.

    I have a fairly small issue lifecycle list that looks like this:

    • Open - New
    • Open - In Progress
    • Blocked - Needs Info
    • Blocked - Can't Do
    • Rejected - Won't Do
    • Rejected - Duplicate
    • Rejected - Inapplicable
    • Rejected - Unable to Replicate
    • QA - Ready for Testing
    • QA - Testing Complete
    • Complete - Done

    So, 11.  Of course I'm 1 over..  Story of my life.  haha

    But this is a very simple workflow or lifecycle for a task.  This could become far more complex if you get into 3rd party review and other such things.  

    I don't know what the answer could be, but I can't see how I could setup an issue tracker with any fewer steps.  I say let me use 50 columns if I want.  Why do you care if my report is hard to read?  (Note: I'm not in any way trying to be an ass.  I'm just stating a point.  Why limit it at all?  Let me make an ugly report if it doesn't factor into any additional burden for you guys.  The anger of the folks I make use the report later will force me to change it.)

    Thanks for your consideration and feedback.

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      Qrew Commander
      You could create separate Kanban report for just the rejected items. Two reports would cover all of your columns.
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      Qrew Cadet
      Wouldn't be able to drag my issues from one stage of its lifecycle to a rejected stage across reports. I do not think multiple reports for one purpose is a reasonable solution. I would prefer to just not have limits. See: JIRA

      Thanks for the reply though. :)
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    Hey Rob,
    Thanks for the feedback! If you'd like, you can sign up here to talk with the team developing Kanban: 

    We put a limit in place because we worried it would be hard to use a board where lots of horizontal scrolling was required. We're working on the ability to only display a subset of columns for the next release, so that kanban builders can more easily create a report when they have, for example, 11 options.

    Sam Jones
    QuickBase Product Manager
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      Any update on the next release for kanban? I need much more than 10 options and it would be nice to being able to have them all in different layouts so it does not require much scrolling but still even with scrolling is better than putting this limitation on the platform.

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        Hi Evan,

        It would be great to have a higher limit than just 10. I know its a slightly older discussion, but this feature can certainly help users to extend the use of Kanban reports beyond the normal project management space.

        Really looking forward to seeing some changes happening soon.

        Thank you for your hard work so far!

        Sini Wickramasinghe
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      Hi Sam! 

      I appreciate the feedback.  I have scheduled a talk with you guys in early July.  I will continue to test and formulate feedback until then.

      I still think I'll maintain my opinion of "don't limit me arbitrarily".  What if I want to display my Kanban board across 5 flatscreens in my 'war-room'?  

      For those with limited screen real estate, I'm sure they'll find a way to limit the columns for their purposes.  Besides, I can't blame you if I want to rock a 2 min horizontal scroll.  

      And if I try to blame you, you can always tell me my board design is dumb.  Or, better yet, you can tell me that I am an adult that pays for a product that allows me to make my own design decisions and therefore must live with or change those decisions on my own.  

      Again, I'm just saying that worrying about a user's horizontal scrolling on a report designed by the user is noble, but not necessary.  Save your worry and time and let me ruin my own reports.  :)