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2 years ago

Last updated date in report

Hello. I am using this formula to show the last comment in the report. However is there a way or a formula that will be able to show me last comment and date in the report? 


Sunakshi Sethi

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  • Here are my cheat notes:

    Parsing Append Only Fields

    so... if you have a text field set to Log Changes where the new entries act in the default manner which is to be at the bottom of the updates, here are some formuals to use to parse out the values from the most recent entry.  I am also assuming that you are logging the date and not the date and time.

    Most recent value (formula text field type)

    Trim(Right([my update field],"]"))

    Date of most recent update (this needs to be a formula date field)

    ToDate(Left(Right([my update field],"["),9))

    Who did the most recent update (formula text field type)

    Trim(NotLeft(Left(Right([my update field],"["),"]"),9))

    Parse out the date and time of the update

    var text DateAndTime = Left(Right([append only with date /time],"["),18);
    var date TheDate = ToDate(Left($DateAndTime," "));
    var timeofday TheTime = ToTimeOfDay(NotLeft($DateAndTime,9));

    ToTimestamp ($TheDate, $TheTime)

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)