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3 years ago

Latest Image Not Loading on the Form.

I use the following rich text field to display an image on a form for a specific size.

Using Google Chrome that latest image is not loading.  It appears to be loading an image from the cache that is no longer associated with the record.

Is there any thing I can change so it stops doing this.  

If([Field1]=null,null,"<img src='"&URLRoot()&"/up/" & Dbid () & "/a/r" & [Record ID#] & "/e22/v0' height='500'/>")

I found this in another post, but cannot get it to work.


var text URL = URLRoot() & "up/" & Dbid() & "/a/r" & [Record ID#] & "/e15/v0/ target=_blank" & "DummydateTime=" & ToText(Now()) & URLEncode(ToText([IP Image Location])); // that last part is to defeat browser cacheing

var text words = "

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  • Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

    Brad Dixon