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2 years ago

Learning Management System (LMS) and SCORM Cloud

Currently I've built a LMS app in our realm, and with no SCORM compliance for Quickbase I will be using SCORM Cloud to host the content. 

Is there anyone out there who may have experience with SCORM Cloud and Quickbase? I'm going to have a link to the content that will automatically register the user and go to the launch page for the content. The tricky part is getting the info back to the Quickbase record with date complete, status, and test scores.

Dwight Munson

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  • I know nothing about SCORM Cloud ....

    But in general you will have two ways to go here. One way is if SCORM Cloud has the ability to be queried via an API, you could theoretically pull data using a pipeline and upload data to your app.  

    A less technical solution would be to find a way to coax a CSV file out of SCORM Cloud and upload that to a Connect Sync table in your app.  The messy part about that is how often would they stay that need to be updated and who would pull the CSV file out of SCORM Cloud to drop in to see DropBox for the connected Sync table to pull from. 

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)