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2 months ago

Let's Test the Email Notifications

Hey Everyone, 

Our vendor was able to make some changes and we can now access our email notifications page in My Settings. (Go to My Settings > Notifications and Follows).

Can we use this thread to test it? Adjust your email notification settings and let's see if this is working or still having issues.

Prayers up.


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    Thanks to everyone thus far for testing. There appears to be some inconsistencies, with some of you reporting it is working and some reporting the same experience. I'll be submitting examples of it not working today, I have a call later this afternoon to speak to ongoing issues with the new experience.

    So far I have Samtheman , MarkShnier__You , and MikeTamoush as examples of it not working. MikeTamoush thank you for also testing with your personal account and confirming that one is receiving notifications.

    Progress made but still not home on this. Onward.


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      I did get notified of a "Mention" for your post just now.  I will report as to if I receive notifications today for new questions and answers.

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        Progress. Interesting. Clearly the mailer is able to hit your inbox which is at the very least a move in the right direction. Yes, please continue to update on what takes place.

        You shouldn't be receiving notifications for your own responses (thankfully). But responses should. Like this one. I hope you're reading this in your gmail.

  • I am still not receiving notifications.  I was not notified of this new thread nor any of the replies by others.

  • Hi, I'd be happy to help Ben. Don't see any notifications yet even though its turned on. 

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      Any chance you use SAML/SSO? I have a typical personal account and one with SAML/SSO. My personal account is getting notifications, my business one is not.

  • Lets see if I get a notification. My defaults looked to be set where I would, without changing any settings?

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        Testing from my non corporate account. Lets see what happens.