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Leveraging Personal Reports

Leveraging Personal Reports

Are you frequently utilizing reports in Quickbase lacking relevant information to you in your role or job? Why not make your day-to-day life at work easier? Whether you are an admin in the app, or the app was shared with you by a colleague, using personal reports can help with that.

Just as Quickbase can be easily customized to meet your company’s changing business needs, there are features within an application that end users can leverage to customize their own experience. 

As a Customer Adoption Manager at Quickbase, my day-to-day can be unpredictable. I need flexibility in how I can prioritize tasks every day, and without that flexibility, it can be overwhelming trying to determine what to tackle first. 

Common reports are great for team meetings and group work, but oftentimes include data that might not be pertinent to your role or task at hand. 

You may know exactly what you want on your personal report, so starting from scratch would be the way to go. But keep in mind that you can go into any common report settings and make small adjustments to your own needs, and then save that adjusted report as your own personal report. 

If you feel a personal report you created would be helpful for your colleagues, you can easily share, or convert, any personal report into a common report using the Save As option. 

More on that here: 

I regularly create personal reports to drill down and focus on the fields and information that matters for a particular task. Customizing these reports and saving them for future use allows me to quickly reference them for repeated tasks and easily identify where I should be focusing my efforts. 

Examples of optimizing my report experience with personal reports: 

  • Applying filters to display account or customer records in which I am the assigned CSM. 
  • Reports filtered to be used during my regular syncs with Account Executives to review shared customers and discuss strategy. 
  • Color coding a report based on fields that indicate certain records that may need more attention than the others (think Red for urgent and Green for OK). 

You do not need to make a request and wait on a customized report from your app manager or builder. 

Personal reports allow you to: 

  • Choose only the fields/columns that matter to you. 
  • Apply filters to display only the records you are looking for. 
  • Colorize rows for visual enhancement. 

Additional tip: leverage email notifications and subscriptions for your personal reports! Receive an email notification when important status changes occur in a record or receive regular subscriptions to personal reports to remain on task each day/week/month. 

My teammate, Manny, put together this video here that walks you through some ways to leverage Personal Reports. 

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