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3 years ago

Line and Bar Chart Help

Hello All,

I am trying to make a lien and bar chart that will have the academic year as the x axis, program pass rate as the y axis (bar), and national pass rate as the y axis (line). I am trying to show the relation of my programs testing scores for a particular year to that of the national average for that same year. When I go to graph this on my chart it does not show up the correct way/ is disproportional. I will attach a sample picture but visually the graph shows that the program pass rate is way below the national pass rate when it is the opposite. Is there a formula or another way to group the two by the same amount so it shows the right way ( it groups the program pass rate by: 1%, 10%, 100%, 1000% and groups the national pass rate by: 1%, 2%, 4%, 10%, 20%, 40%, and 100%)

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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  • Unfortunately there is not setting for force the 2nd Y axis to scale the same as the first Y axis.  

    I suggest that you try a line chart (not line and bar) and while not obvious, there is a hover + plus sign beside the

    Data values on primary y axis

    And you can select the National Average and another line.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)