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8 months ago

Link to child records not a table of a parent

I have the need to create a count of child records that are not a direct child of a parent table. in this situation I have a Parent table has Child 1, but has two tables under Child 1 that are not directly associated to the first Parent. I can do a summary total of those records and look them all the way back up to the Parent. The issue is the count is correct but when you click on the number to see the records, it pulls the count and records of the first Parent/Child relationship.

Zint Joseph

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  • It sounds like your need then is to create a link that opens up your child records - not specifically with the summary field itself. Summary fields will only open up one level deep in the relationship as far as the drilldown goes. Your comment says that the # is correct so you have a couple options: 

    1. Create a direct relationship between your parent and grandchild and create the summary fields accordingly
    2. Update the drilldown for your summary field that shows another report of your child records and have on of the columns be the # of grandchildren records. So if the total # of grandchildren is 9 among 2 children records, your drilldown might look like: 


    1                 4

    2                  5

         3. Create a formula rich text as custom drilldown with something like: 

    var text query = "{'fid'.EX.'" & [Record ID#] & "'}";

    //where fid would be replaced with a the fid of a lookup field into your grandchild record for related parent 

    "<a href='" & URLRoot() & "db/" & grandchild_dbid & "?a=q&query=" & $query & "'>" & [Grandchild Count Field] & "</a>

    Chayce Duncan