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27 days ago

List fields based on checkbox

I need a formula field that will list some Years if the corresponding Year checkbox is checked.

I'm not sure if this screenshot size is ok or not - it looks super tiny when pasting it.

In the field "Funding Years", if the corresponding Year has a checkbox: First year Ask is checked, then List the First Year in the Funding Years. 

If ANY combination of those "Year ask" checkboxes are checked, then I want to list that Year in the "funding years".

I've tried all the formulas I can try, I keep getting a mismatch of boolean and number errors, or all of the years populate.

My formula right now is:

var bool one = [First Year Ask] = true;
var bool two = [Second Year Ask] = true;
var bool three = [Third Year Ask] = true;
var bool four = [Fourth Year Ask] = true;

$one or $two or $three or $four,

List(", ", ToText([Year 1]), ToText([Year 2]), ToText([Year 3]),ToText([Year 4])))

I tried putting "or" in there, but it doesn't seem to take it. 

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