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11 months ago

MailTo v Pipeline

Hi Team

I am looking at options for sending email from QB.  I have found 2 x youtube videos from Kirk Trachy 

  1. Using mailto: send emails out of Quickbase -
  2. Sending Outlook Email from Quickbase -

Looking for advice here before diving into the expense of Pipelines ($250usd per pipeline)

For those using MailTo - Pros / Cons

For those using Pipelines - Pros / Cons

Have tried to search for answers but really couldn't find any.  We don't require mails automatically coming back so as far as I am aware, do not require any email parsing.

Thanks for your feedback or expert experience.

Jessica Matenga

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    1. You can send native email notifications directly from QuickBase to any email address. The limitation is that while you can control the reply in case the recipient replies to the email, there is a higher probability that the email will be caught in spam because the server that is sending, the email is not the same as the reply to. Another limitation of native Quickbase email says they cannot send an attachment so the closest you can come to that is just send a link to an attachment but many recipients are leery about clicking through links. 

    2. The MailTo command is super useful. If you want to push a button and have an email composed on the users screen, but not actually sent. That gives the opportunity to pre-fill the subject and CC, the BCC and the body but the user gets a chance to manually add attachments and to edit anything they like before sending natively through their usual email client on their computer. So it's very different than the concept of sending an email it's really the opportunity to pre-compose an email for completion and sending by the user. 

    3. Juiced courier is an option. It can send email using your own mail server so it will not be seen as spam and it can include attachments. It is often combined with their product called exact forms plus when you want to push a button and automatically generate say a PDF quote and send it to the customer all in one click. The courier trigger is when the document is created an attached to the record. There is a monthly cost to use courier. 

    I can't really comment on your cost for adding another pipeline channel, but I suggest that you be very sure that you have met with your account manager from Quickbase to fully understand your options as I was under the impression they were not charging for using additional channels anymore.  

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
  • Hi Jessica,

    If your team is using Outlook, I have an add-on called SendToOutlook that goes beyond the Quickbase limitations (including length of your mailto URL which you may not be aware of).  Check out SendToOutlook here:

    SendToOutlook comes bundled with SendToQuickBase.  Details here:

    You can reach me directly at the email address in my signature for more information.  Happy to help.

    Joe Acunzo (SoftTechExperts)
    Quickbase Partner