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3 years ago

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This may be something solved with non-native solutions or it could be my Friday brain, but I can't figure this one out.
I have a Projects table that has four different duration fields (PDR, DDR, CDR, FDR). Based on the duration value, the color of the circle changes (this i know how to do). 

I would like to summarize it so that each row is a Project record and the columns are the months/years. Mockup below:

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


William C

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  • You will need to use a table report type and based on formulas calculate the appearance of the circles and what colour they are.
    For the columns (fields) you will need to have a set up fields labels such as 

    [CM] (meaning Current Month)
    [CM+1] (meaning Current Month plus 1 (ie Next Month)
    [CM+2] (meaning Current Month plus 2 ie Next Next month)

    If you go that route and want the month names to be more user friendly, ou can use a Pipiline set to un each o nth to rename the fields using an API.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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