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2 months ago

Mobile App Functionality

We have a checklist that's being used on mobile.   Right now you click the record, which opens the 30 or so "check list" items, and then you have to click each one to open it, and then click the pencil to edit it.

Hoping to cut down on clicks and potentially open the record in edit mode on mobile, but I can't figure out how to do that!

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  • Are you saying that the 30 checklist items are in an embedded report?

    If so, are the 30 questions imported all at once from a template? If so, I have a few 'tricks' I have used I can explain.

  • They are child records to a "response" so in the phone app, you have to open each one, then click edit, then click your yes/no, then save.

  • We can make them part of the parent record, but with needing a "comments" and "attachment" field for each question, it becomes ALOT of fields.

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      Yes, but how do those child records get there? Are they added one by one over time, or when the parent is created is there a pipeline or automation that creates all the response records?

      The reason I am asking is because if they are created all at once, there is a nice work around I have come up with for this scenario.